Our Brand

We are proud to present Miasol, our own brand. It is a well-established and recognized brand through north Europe. Our brand is our identity and when you choose Miasol you are assured delicious, fresh and crisp products with even quality, delivery after delivery. Selecting Miasol guarantees choosing products grown under the Global G.A.P conditions with minimum impact on the environment and with care for the planet and people who have participated in its production. Whether it will be Miasol lettuce, Miasol asparagus or Miasol vegetables we promise products you can be satisfied with!

Please contact us for questions regarding confections, sizes and varieties.

24h jour
We are always available to
ensure a successful delivery.
Tel. +34 619 82 30 55

Tailormade solutions
For You, to suit Your needs

Fresh produce all year
Sunkissed fruits and vegetables –
Organic, industrial and conventional

Economic benefits
We help you with logistics and cheap transportation. No need to load complete trucks.